“A Space for Rope Educators, Organisers and Artists to Build, Connect & Create.”


What is it?

Rope in Europe is experiencing an exponential growth, with an established existing community and an unforeseen influx of eager newcomers across multiple cities and venues. While this is very exciting, it also means the community-builders of our rope-scenes will face new challenges.

RopeWork.Org is a participant-driven, unconference style meeting before & during EURIX by The Sea in Royan- France, which you and me and everyone else attending brings knowledge to the table. During this meta–rope event we will facilitate a variety of discussions, workshops, skill-shares, and roundtables on issues connected to event organising, teaching and performing with ropes. This time around you will also have the benefit of being able to attend EURIX by The Sea and get even more Ropework time in since we can continue all of our discussion during the week!

Topics may include: exchanging teaching skills and techniques, strategies for rope organisers for growing and engaging their communities, setting up rope and community-driven spaces, marketing strategies, insurance and safety consideration for venues and performers/artists. We also welcome more theoretical discussion topics on how we see the rope community growing and changing in Europe.

We will both have scheduled sessions as well as open spaces in order to facilitate the best possible weekend for everyone involved. We will run parallel sessions and session topics will be decided on the first day of the (un)conference.

Who is it for?

Are you a rope educator looking to exchange teaching techniques? Perhaps you help out at your local Peer Rope or Hitchin’ Bitches and would like to meet with others who do the same? Are you are a rope bondage performer, artist or venue owner looking to network and share experiences about running your business? Maybe you’re simply a rope enthusiast looking to kickstart your community’s first rope event and don’t know how or where to start?

We are inviting rope lovers to share a weekend with us to learn, network and share in order to build a stronger community.

We are looking for a wide range of perspectives, backgrounds and interests in ropes and wish to reflect and represent the incredible diversity of the European rope scene.

This experience will offer an opportunity for us to explore what it means to teach learn, organise and build our local groups. Our local rope communities are growing and we are facing similar challenges, joys and milestones, so let’s help each other grow!

Where is it? 

When is it?

22/6 2018 – 17:00 to 24/06 – 10:00 with possibility to continue through to 29/6 at EURIX by the Sea.

How much is it?

€45 per ticket & person.This does include a complimentary access to a tent spot if needed. This is a non-for-profit event.

Ticket for EURIX by the Sea is bought separately.

Who is organising this?

Cyril (Place Des Cordes, Paris France)
Hedwig (Hitchin’ Bitches, Malmo Sweden)
Patriq & Fittglitter (Bound<3, Stockholm Sweden)
Ceci Ferox (Helsinki Shibari, Helsinki Finland)

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